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Collaboration is the Key

Posted by Miaochan Zhi | Apr 11, 2014 5:32:00 PM

A major part of the meeting are the breakout group discussions. Participants were assigned to one of five potential application areas: Commercial Security Cameras for use in Homes, Businesses, Stadiums or Airports; UAV Surveillance Imaging; Near IR Imaging for Intra-cranial Bleeding Detection and Localization; Soldier-scale Situational Awareness; and Astronomical Imaging Applications.

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Topics: Compressed Sensing, OSA Incubator

Incubator meeting, Honest meeting

Posted by Miaochan Zhi | Apr 11, 2014 11:15:00 AM

The essence of this Incubator, as one host Mark Neifeld put it, is: honest effort to solve practical problems. The hosts repeatedly called on all attendees to have honest and candid discussions. The purpose of this meeting was truly to look for opportunities within CS and was cleverly structured to give pro and con views of those opportunities.  This lead to open and frank discussions which the attendees really took advantage of those discussion opportunities.

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Topics: Compressed Sensing, OSA Incubator

OSA Incubator: Implications of Compressive Sensing Concepts to Imaging Systems

Posted by Miaochan Zhi | Apr 10, 2014 3:23:00 PM

While the hot topic of DC in general might be the Cherry Blossom Festival, here at OSA headquarters we’re focusing on compressive processing.

First, what is an Incubator?  The OSA Incubator Program began in 2011 and this week’s OSA Incubator Implications of Compressive Sensing Concepts to Imaging Systems is the 13th Incubator to date. Each Incubator differs not only in topic but in program design and outcome. The hosts work with OSA to design a program that will best achieve their goals for the Incubator. Similarly, there are a variety of outcomes, these Incubators have been covered in OPN, have fueled authorship of a whitepaper (Scaling Terabit Networks) and one meeting – Freeform Optics – has already become an OSA Topical Meeting.

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The Role of Chance in Biomedical Imaging

Posted by Kyle Quinn | Apr 7, 2014 3:49:00 PM

Much of my work as a postdoctoral trainee at Tufts University has focused on utilizing endogenous sources of optical contrast to assess tissue development and disease. To this end, our lab has utilized non-linear optical microscopy to non-destructively characterize tissue organization and metabolic function with an emphasis on understanding and detecting stem cell differentiation and precancerous transformations. As I think about all the researchers, past and present, that have provided fundamental contributions to my area of research, no one looms larger than Dr. Britton Chance. (Article continues below.)

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What lies ahead for topological photonic systems?

Posted by Sean Kelley | Apr 4, 2014 4:54:00 PM

The final day of the Topological Order with Photons Incubator saw several more proposals for systems that could support topological edge states. Metamaterials are a promising environment, and talks were given by Alex Kanikaev and Gennady Shvets on fabricating bianistropic metamaterials to emulate electron spins and topological insulators. Na Young Kim and Alberto Ano laid different schemes for creating lattices of exiton-polariton microcavities, as well as roadmaps for potentially seeing topological effects in these systems.

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Topics: OSA Incubator, topological order