Imaging and Applied Optics: Best of the Best

Posted by Shan Yang | Jun 27, 2013 11:29:00 AM

By the time you are reading this blogging, you probably have read the other post by Mayukh Lahiri. Mayukh has touched several aspects including few interesting presentations regarding what is happening at Imaging and Applied Optics Congress.  I will be adding a few more interesting events on top of that.  The first one is that I have four ribbons attached to my name tag and they are: OSA MEMBER, PRESENTER, YOUNG PROFESSIONAL, and BLOGGER, and I'm extremely proud of those ribbons.

Although the temperature in Arlington has climbed to over 90F this week, it is nice to take a walk on the street during the lunch break because the of the mild wind that makes the weather a bit more bearable.  What's even hotter than the weather are the discussions during the poster section, where everyone is engaged.  There is one particular poster that I am interested in, presented by Cheon-Yang Lee from Korea University.  The work is about image restoration for microscopy that based on fiber bundles.  By using fiber bundles, an image with 2x2 mm was acquired in single snapshot.  I think this could lead to a new direction of wide-field microscopy/ imaging.

Not like other conferences/congresses, where the best papers are awarded after the meeting; it all happens on site at the Imaging and Applied Optics congress! So everyone gets a chance to share the exciting moment. During the conference reception at Monday’s night, the best paper and the best student were announced by Dr. Francisco Imai, the chair of Imaging Systems and Applications meeting. The best paper goes to Giuseppe Di Caprio from Harvard for his paper ‘Hyperspectral Microscopy of Flowing Cells’. By using linear variable bandpass filter, they were able to acquire hyperspectral fluorescence images from moving cells in fluids.  The best student paper was awarded to a student from Stanford University, Adam Backer for his paper titled ‘Single Molecule Orientation Measurements with a Quadrated Pupil’.OSA happening1


- Picture credit: Peter Catrysse and Shan Yang 

Topics: Hyperspectral Imaging, imaging systems, Imaging and Applied Optic